This website is a tribute to Harrison Carnevale, 17, of Latham, NY, who died on July 1 from injuries received in a car crash in Albany that same day. The goal here is to celebrate his life because, despite leaving this world so young, he left a legacy in friendship, smiles and happiness that we truly believe it is worth of sharing.
“There are a few remarkable people that cross our path in this life. Without a doubt, Harry is one of those people. You may say I'm biased. That he was my best friend and I would say anything to show how wonderful he is. But there are thousands of others that will easily agree with me. Harry was smart, thoughtful, caring and compassionate. His greatest quality was his sense of humor and his ability to make people laugh. I love Harry with all my heart and I miss Harry and both those things will shape our lives forever.

Here you'll get to meet Harry, if you never knew him or you'll remember the amazing boy who touched all our lives. There are the poems and essays he wrote, the videos he produced and the pictures of the people and things he loved. Every time I think of how talented he was, it makes me proud, yet leaves me bittersweet, because I want more of him. Through this site you can tell a Harry story, play a song that reminds us of him or just contact us to say how you feel.
Much love to you all,

Harry's Dad”